What's going on here?

Longtime readers of this site will have noticed a new design introduced this month. What’s this all about? I wanted to move the blog to a static platform, and I chose the Wowchemy on Hugo. This setup works better for the type of software I use today, and for the type of content I want to share.

It’s been a long time since I started this site writing about a missed flight to Japan. Even before that, you may recall the site I hand-coded in HTML when I was a grad student. That was a lot of running and jumping, inside jokes, and wittily-annotated travel photos.

This one started in a similar way in 2008, with travel observations, a long series of posts describing the Sam Khok diet, a number of quadracious ones when we thought we were going to run the Hood to Coast, and plenty of birdie dances. More recently there has been a decided focus on potato chips.

There was a time when I was working on a lot of incomprehensible charts, too, but I shared most of those on the now defunct Google+.

What you can expect on this updated site is that same great content you’ve come to expect. Some travel, food, golf, quadracious training, maybe the odd incomprehensible chart. And writing practice.

In addition to those topics, I’m also using this site as a test—like I did the last one—because eventually I want to move the ATC site to this platform. I can check a number of things here before I do that. How to move old posts, how to prevent all the old pages from appearing as broken links (404 errors), how to use new widgets and features, and so on.

There has also been a request for me to share or teach a little about rstats for turfgrass. I don’t want to scare away any of my regular readers at the ATC site with computer code, incomprehensible charts, and that type of thing, so I will be posting whatever I come up with in the rstats way right here. I figure those who read this site can put up with that. You may even enjoy it. But I can also play with content taxonomies and categories in a way that I may be able to separate that rstats feed from this one. Of course I can do that, I just don’t know how to do it yet.

So that’s what is going on here, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s the YTK diet too, which I can write about at length. It’s vicinal, as was the Sam Khok diet, but being in YTK now rather than in Sam Khok, it’s naturally quite different. Southern Thai food rather than Central.

In short, I won’t be struggling with a lack of topics. And if you want to read even more, especially about turfgrass, be sure to sign up to the ATC email newsletters. No potato chips or diet descriptions there, but you may find the odd incomprehensible chart or birdie dance.

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