Last thing I needed first thing *this* morning

Yeah. I’m not sure which is worse: waking up to find a rat has escaped the trap, or waking up to find two rats caught in a trap.

I’ve been learning a lot about rats.

  • Did you know that rats reach sexual maturity at five weeks, and a starting population of 2 can grow to 15,000 in a year?1
  • That a group of rats is a mischief.
  • The circular glue traps seem to work better than the square ones.
  • The rat that escaped the other morning? It didn’t get far. A noisome odor led to the discovery of that sticky rat in a box of unused curtains on the balcony.
  • Dried shrimp are terrific bait.

  1. Which clearly cannot happen here due to our ambitious sticky glue programme. ↩︎

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