rturf 8: the merge function to combine green speed and clipping volume

Previous posts in this series showed how I read the green speed data from the 2019 Women’s PGA Championship into the R working environment. The reason I want to have these speeds in the working environment is so I can have a look at how the green speeds were related to clipping volume that week.

The clipping volume data are in a completely different file. In this screencast, I show how I read that file into the working enviroment.

Because the data frame with the speed data has a date column and a hole column, and the data frame with the #ClipVol has those same columns too, I used the merge function to merge the two data frames.

Now I’ve got a data frame in the working environment that has columns that identify the date the measurement was taken, from which hole (which green) the measurement was taken, some additional notes about the measurement, and the green speed and clipping volume. Now we can start looking at the relationship, if any, between clipping volume and green speed.