Watermelon dried fish sundae review

Swensen’s Ice Cream has a salted watermelon flavor this summer.

The salted watermelon ice cream is superb. It pairs especially well with a scoop of coconut milk ice cream.1

As for the dried fish sundae, it sure looks good. Sticky rice, cubes of ice cream, balls of fresh watermelon, but the sugar + chili + dried fish topping wasn’t quite what I wanted. The chili overpowered both the fish and the watermelon. I would have liked less chili and more dried fish. Watermelon ice cream has a delicate flavor that I found overpowered by the chili.

There were definitely some flashbacks to to last summer’s mango and shrimp confection. I foresee a challenge in the test kitchen, however. Where does one go from here? What seasonal fruit and fish combo can be put together for next year?

  1. Not pictured, because the staff were so busy serving a packed ice cream parlor that they brought me this sundae but not the scoop of coconut milk ice cream that I so badly wanted to have in the top right of the photo. And to eat. I did eventually get it, but only after I’d eaten half the watermelon dried fish sundae. ↩︎

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