My books about greenkeeping, turfgrass science, and clipping volume.

The books I finished reading in 2020

These are the books I finished reading, for the first time, in 2020. I've added a few notes about my favorites ... It will be difficult to beat *Hemingway*, *Hitler*, and *Bridge to the Gods*.

Getting started with #rturf

I started using R in 2011. I’ve read some books, done a lot of Google searches, read a lot of questions and answers that turned up on stackoverflow after executing those searches, and read a lot of blog posts and package vignettes and manuals and documentation.

The books I finished reading last year

These are the books I finished reading in 2019. And notes about my favorites. Ten Years in Japan by Joseph Grew. Grew was the US ambassador to Japan from 1932 until the war.

On my desk

Writing is difficult. This week it has been especially so, and I’ve been reading instead. This is what’s on my desk tonight.

A big city, and a small one

Bangkok is a big city, and I enjoyed this view of it for the past few months. There are big buildings in all directions, but this direction has the most.

All kinds of new things

I’ve been working on the Micah no jikan book for a long time. I am happy to report that all the final changes and edits have been made, and it is now with the publisher.

Stakes and grass and other matters

For the past month, I’ve been making an intense study of the grasses in a rather narrow latitude, from 44 to 49°N. There are many grasses at sea level, but I find some really interesting specimens at a higher elevation.

A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping

I finished writing a series of articles for GCM China last month. Yesterday I finished updating them and published them as A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping. Here’s what’s really cool. I checked the Leanpub website this morning and A Short Grammar of Greenkeping is the featured book.

Books, botanizing, birdies, and borders

{.asset-media-link} I’ve found the birdie dance photos and the botanizing posts to be a bit blasé, so although there have still been a lot of both, I have not felt any need to document those exploits here.