Durian delivery

It’s fruit season in Thailand. One can get fruit at any time of year, but a check of orchards and markets shows that mango season starts in April; after that come durian and rambutan, and mangosteens mark the end of it.

Durian Granola

I saw this in the grocery store today. With immediate flashbacks to the famed Durio, I had to try this new granola flavor. It’s sweet with a pleasant durian taste. This is too sweet for my taste—I don’t want much sugar with my grains, and this granola lists caramel as the second ingredient.

The Durio: an interesting cookie concept

The durian cream sandwich cookie is an interesting concept, but one that I will not try again. It is not that I do not appreciate the king of fruits, not that at all, but rather I find these cookies do not capture the promise of such a delightful concept.

Durian & Great Expectations

I have suggested that falling durian fruit are indubitably lethal, tried to avoid Gradgrindery in my description of the fruit, and noted that my home without durian is a bleak house indeed.