Promising results after one week

You may recall the mosquito and all that followed from that. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I heard footsteps a couple weeks ago—footsteps on the ceiling above my office on the second floor.

Tokay gecko makes an appearance

My spicy frog curry tasted especially good today as I reflected on the latest development in this tale. When I left off last time, I’d been wondering if spending a little more for the premium rat glue might be a good idea.

This all started with a mosquito

How was it that I came to be nearly 900 km away from home, at a grocery store near Bangkok, looking carefully at the rat glue? My view last week in a grocery store near Bangkok.

A Genuine Stunner, or, Termites In My Kitchen

You have probably been following my peregrinations, my undefeated streak of golf matches on three continents, my Rakish Tour of Oregon, and so on and so forth. I have recently been at Hong Kong and Japan, enjoying the wonderful autumn weather, spending some time with Mickey, and studying foreign languages.