Hood to Coast

A Week of Quadracious Training

I write this from Lamberton Place, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland. When I went running here I passed sheep grazing on green grass in the cool, long days of a Scottish July.

An Unprecedented Locomotory Feat

You may be aware that my training program for the Hood to Coast is complicated to some extent by my professional obligations. You may therefore be amazed by this week’s athletic adventures.

Makha Bucha Day & Another Medal

Today is Makha Bucha Day, the full moon day of the third lunar month, and I was running before dawn this morning in a mini-marathon through the salt flats of coastal Samut Sakhon.

Another Race, Another Medal

I ran a 10.5 km race this morning and was awarded this silver medal. I like to imagine that the medal represents my speed, strength, agility, and grace as I glide across the landscape much as a dolphin frolics in the sea.

10K Medalist!

I’m already training for the 317 km Hood to Coast relay in August. I won this impressive medal at the Fight Aids 10K race organized by the Department of Public Health in Bangkok a few weeks ago.