Last thing I needed first thing *this* morning

Yeah. I’m not sure which is worse: waking up to find a rat has escaped the trap, or waking up to find two rats caught in a trap. I’ve been learning a lot about rats.

Last thing I needed first thing this morning

I hate to wake up to this. Now I know there is a rat big and strong enough to escape the glue trap. If that weren’t disconcerting enough, there’s a rat covered in sticky glue somewhere, and all I know about its location is that this rat is clearly not in the trap.

Promising results after one week

You may recall the mosquito and all that followed from that. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I heard footsteps a couple weeks ago—footsteps on the ceiling above my office on the second floor.

Tokay gecko makes an appearance

My spicy frog curry tasted especially good today as I reflected on the latest development in this tale. When I left off last time, I’d been wondering if spending a little more for the premium rat glue might be a good idea.

This all started with a mosquito

How was it that I came to be nearly 900 km away from home, at a grocery store near Bangkok, looking carefully at the rat glue? My view last week in a grocery store near Bangkok.

Fusion Cuisine and the Sam Khok Diet

The Sam Khok diet has run its course. I wanted so much to add the fried baby frogs with basil (little frogs the size of grasshoppers) to this diet but have been decidedly unable to find that delicacy.