Article about the MLSN guidelines, now available as a preprint

I’ve been working on this for a while, and finished it earlier this month at a nice hotel in Skala. Minimum soil nutrient guidelines for turfgrass developed from Mehlich 3 soil test results

A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping

I finished writing a series of articles for GCM China last month. Yesterday I finished updating them and published them as A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping. Here’s what’s really cool. I checked the Leanpub website this morning and A Short Grammar of Greenkeping is the featured book.

Of Sunsets, Beaches, and Botanical Walks

I’ve been writing this month, and doing a lot of data analysis, and I’ve also been botanizing. At Ishigaki, Okinawa, and Taketomi Islands, I’ve been walking along the beaches to see what grasses are growing.

Magazines and Maps

{.asset-media-link} After my visit to Korea in March, this article was published in the April issue of Golf Course Seminar magazine. Korea has a challenging climate for turfgrass, with temperatures similar to the American mid-Atlantic states yet with summers drenched with nearly three times as much rain, on average.

March Golf Report

{.asset-media-link} After I started the year without a loss in January or February, my mind was not entirely free of some hopes that the entire year may progress in such an undefeated manner.

Insights Into Golf, Life, and Turfgrass

It has been pointed out from many corners that I have been making a lot of birdie dances recently. I’ll personally take a lot of the credit for that, but I also want to share with you a new philosophy that is helping me to make incredible breakthroughs in my golf and in my turfgrass work.

Cold, Cricket, and a Cathedral

I had been warned that when the wind blows at Adelaide in the autumn, it can be very cold. And I found that true on Monday morning at Adelaide Shores.

The long-awaited Park Grass article

An article I wrote with Dr. Frank Rossi about the Park Grass experiment at Rothamsted has recently been published in the USGA Green Section Record. (Download the article here). This experiment has been ongoing for more than 150 years and it involves fertilizer treatments applied to grassland and the many measurements that have been made over the years on the experimental plots.

Websites, Seminars, and Writing

What you see at left is an image of the turfgrass information page of the new, where I have added a thumbnail image of the articles that are available for download.

General (and Technical) Presentation Tips

We have all been to conferences or seminars and have seen excellent presentations; we have also seen presentations that were not interesting or somehow failed to convey much useful information to the audience.