In which my trophy collection increases

I’ve been cutting back on the potato chips recently, and doing a bit of running. Last weekend I was up early on Sunday to join a large crowd in Surat Thani province for a 30 km run through the beautiful Khao Sok National Park.

On collaboration

I’m a big fan of collaboration. These are some of my favorites. There was the SAPPORO X ROYCE’ collaboration some years ago. The idea was brilliant. Two of my favorite brands.

It's been some year

And I use some in the Pickwickian sense. Or I could call it quadracious. With 5.9 km this morning, I passed 2015 in total distance. 2014 still sets the standard, but I’m going after it in the year/s ahead.

Advice on Running

That I would collect a medal in this morning’s 10.5 kilometer race was never in doubt. I completed the course at the Rab 11 Army Base in less than 55 minutes, collected my medal, and then demonstrated something that bears careful attention.

Last Week in 70 Epic Seconds

November Golf Report

I’m still basking in the refulgence of my stunning victory at Boracay. But it would be remiss of me to omit the two small defeats that offset my three gigantic wins in November.