In lieu of a monthly golf report

I’ve managed to pass another month without playing a round of golf. But I visited 16 golf courses in June, visualizing many fine shots, and one expects that my upcoming return to the competitive arena will be filled with them.

Please, sir, I want some more

I’ve been at Broadstairs in Kent this week, taking the seaside air, and in this especially Dickensian part of England, performing my best Dickens reenactments. Here at The Open’s Bollinger Tent, I make an impersonation of Oliver Twist.

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day will soon be here, and I encourage everyone to give a thoughtful gift to their mother. This year I have made a calendar for my mom, replete with photos of me from the past year.

Great Advances in Men's Grooming Products: II

Let me preface this testimonial by declaring that I own no stock in Unilever (UL) and provide this endorsement only as an ecstatic customer (as I noted earlier this month). The Dark Temptation line of men’s grooming products is a notable innovation that more people should be aware of.

Dissipated in Dallas: or, Guy’s 28th birthday

My younger brother Guy turned 28 this week, and we naturally celebrated with a rakish toast to the good life on a cerulean day here in Dallas (proudly the 24th most sustainable city in the USA).

Pre-Masters Workout

I have a busy week coming up at the Masters Tournament, and have been preparing for the grueling course maintenance work by some cross-training at Hawaii and a five mile race in Dallas this morning.

Great Advances in Men's Grooming Products: I

I have had occasion to reflect on the great advances in men’s grooming products, particularly with my discovery this month of the Dark Temptation body spray that frankly is one of the most brilliant things I have seen in my life.

SE Asia Seminar Week

I’m at Kuala Lumpur International Airport now, returning to Bangkok after concluding three turfgrass management seminars and a turfgrass field day over the past eight days in Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia.