Christmas in Thailand

The weather in Thailand is predictably clement in December, that is if sunshine and blue skies and moderate temperatures are what one enjoys. I have been here helping with some projects at the research center. We have built a putting green with 15 different grass varieties. This green will be mowed for the first time this week, and will be ready for the 10 March 2009 Asian Turfgrass Field Day.

We don’t have a Christmas tree, but there are plenty of flowers at the research area to give a festive look; our Bougainvillea, Allamanda, and orchids are all blooming now. We did have some ornamental grasses with reddish leaves but those have been trimmed short and will regrow later. 

The research area is looking good and is particuarly pleasant at this time of year when the sun is always shining, a light breeze is usually blowing, and waterfowl from the northern parts of Asia are flocking to the waterways surrounding the research area. From this morning at the research area (see below), we have another beautiful day in a string of identical days.

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