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A flavor retrospective

Lays Thailand continues to celebrate the flavors of the past 25 years. I’d had both of these before, but I don’t believe I wrote about them. There was the nam phrik phao flavor—something like an open flame chili paste in the translation.
A flavor retrospective

Getting started with #rturf

I started using R in 2011. I’ve read some books, done a lot of Google searches, read a lot of questions and answers that turned up on stackoverflow after executing those searches, and read a lot of blog posts and package vignettes and manuals and documentation.
Getting started with #rturf

What's going on here?

Longtime readers of this site will have noticed a new design introduced this month. What’s this all about? I wanted to move the blog to a static platform, and I chose the Academic theme on Hugo.
What's going on here?

The Narrow Road to the Slightly North

I took a long train ride across 6 degrees of latitude. Bangkok is about 13 degrees north, so I’ll call this a narrow road to the slightly north. When I got to Bangkok, I went straight to the snack aisle.
The Narrow Road to the Slightly North


Micah Woods, Ph.D., is the founder and chief scientist of the Asian Turfgrass Center. Since graduating from Oregon State University in 1998, Micah has been traveling extensively, collecting data, and advising turfgrass managers across Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe. From 2001 to 2005, he was in New York to study with Frank Rossi at Cornell University. The broad scope of his research on grasses around the world led to his collaboration with scientists from PACE Turf to create the MLSN guidelines which are applicable to turf in all climate zones, or as he says, “any grass, anywhere.” You can read more about Micah’s unique take on tending turfgrass in his book, A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping, as well as on his website,

If you have the pleasure of hearing Micah speak at a conference, you may notice that he frequently dons a bow tie and sports some unusual hairstyles. A devoted Dickens fan, Micah has read all of his novels, from Barnaby Rudge to A Tale of Two Cities. Micah is inspired as much by clever turns of phrase and stunning mountaintop views as he is by solving problems, creating graphs, and discovering unexpected statistics.


  • Turfgrass nutrition
  • Turfgrass selection
  • Efficient greenkeeping


  • PhD in Horticulture, 2006

    Cornell University

  • BSc in Horticulture, 1998

    Oregon State University





Measure exact topdressing effect, and requirement, by checking total organic matter by depth.


I’ve written a few books about greenkeeping, turfgrass science, and clipping volume.

Global Soil Survey

Checking soil nutrient levels of good-performing turf all over the world.


Minimum levels for sustainable nutrition—MLSN—is a modern method for interpreting soil tests for turfgrass.