Micah Woods established the Asian Turfgrass Center (ATC) in 2006 to develop and provide turfgrass information for the golf and sports turf industry. Through the ATC, he provides turfgrass advisory and soil testing services to golf clubs, sports facilities, and select clients around the world. Since 2009, he has been an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Tennessee. Since 2022, he has been director of the PACE Turf information service.

Micah manages to keep his eyes on the ground, studying the turfgrass species wherever he is in the world. He remains well grounded in the practical aspects of the golf game and his writing has been praised for its accessible style. Author of over two hundred articles in publications such as GOLF Magazine and Soil Science as well as books with intriguing titles like One Bucket at a Time and 芝草科学とグリーンキーピング: マイカの時間 The BOOK, Micah enjoys spending time creating animated charts and graphs of the data he has collected while discovering unexpected statistics.

  • Turfgrass nutrition
  • Turfgrass selection & performance
  • Efficient greenkeeping
  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • PhD in Horticulture, 2006

    Cornell University

  • BSc in Horticulture, 1998

    Oregon State University




I’ve been doing some teaching, or demonstrating, how I use R software for data analysis in turf-related matters. See the full list of rturf posts. The initial project is about stimpmeter measurements and ClipVol.



My books about greenkeeping, turfgrass science, and clipping volume.



Minimum levels for sustainable nutrition—MLSN—is a modern method for interpreting soil tests for turfgrass.