The golf section of the Business Mirror

A friend sent me a link to the Business Mirror’s Golf Section and said I should check it out. I did that, and found a picture of myself above a report about Nutranta’s Best Practices seminar, where I spoke about a continuous improvement system for turfgrass.

A lot of people are saying ...

that this is the best one yet. It was quite a birdie. And, considering how I’d played the previous 14 holes, a genuine stunning one as well.

I was a guest on The Talking Greenkeeper podcast

Joe Gulotti had me as a guest on his The Talking Greenkeeper show this week. We talked about elephant footprints, the MLSN soil nutrient guidelines, measuring clipping volume, my book A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping, the temperature-based turfgrass growth potential, this year’s challenging weather, whether one needs to core and topdress putting green turf, where a #TurfFights episode might be staged, and much more.

Hotels with a view don't come much better than this

Last week I had a chance to stay at the Onyria Palmares Beach House Hotel. I don’t often have the chance to stay at such a nice hotel. The views were so good, and as the light changed I often found myself wandering back to the balcony of my room to take another picture.

An impressive cap display

At the Kuay Tiaw Yai To restaurant on Samui Island, just under the shelf with all the trophies, you’ll find a surprising hat rack, with caps from Bandon Dunes, the Masters Tournament, and the Old Course at St.

Stakes and grass and other matters

For the past month, I’ve been making an intense study of the grasses in a rather narrow latitude, from 44 to 49°N. There are many grasses at sea level, but I find some really interesting specimens at a higher elevation.

Two greens in Japan

Fred Varcoe interviewed me before he wrote his article for the August 2016 issue of Euro Biz Japan. You can download it here: Know your greens (pdf, 3 MB).

Birdies, pars, television, and potato chips

Some things stay the same, and some things change. I’ve made a lot of birdies over the years, and celebrated them all in their own way. Last month in Nebraska was no exception.

Multicontinental birdies

Four days. Two continents. Four birdies. Lots of celebrating. {.asset-img-link} {.asset-img-link} {.asset-img-link} A trans-Pacific flight. {.asset-img-link} {.asset-img-link} After that, some popcorn and jet lag. {.

Mostly sporting

{.asset-img-link} It’s been mostly work, actually, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a few of my accomplishments on the golf course this month. First, at the challenging chipping course at Laem Chabang International Golf and Country Club.