Books, botanizing, birdies, and borders

{.asset-media-link} I’ve found the birdie dance photos and the botanizing posts to be a bit blasé, so although there have still been a lot of both, I have not felt any need to document those exploits here.

March Golf Report

This was a big month for golf, and I made three birdies in a practice round in Bangkok, before the big tournament in Chonburi. Maybe it was the pressure, maybe it was the street clothes, or perhaps the huge (and loud) galleries — I don’t know.

December Golf Report: part 2

{.asset-media-link} It was a great month of golf, with just enough birdies to win the right matches, closing out the year with three rounds at three fine courses in Thailand that I hadn’t visited before, and with the exception of a single round early in the month, lots of sunshine.

December Golf Report: part 1

There is going to be more than the usual amount of golf this month, so I’m breaking the report into two parts. {.asset-media-link} That birdie on a spectacular day in Bangkok makes a fine opening statement for my upcoming matches.

September Golf Report

{.asset-media-link} I’ve heard the rumors, going around in some circles, that perhaps I’ve retired, or gone into seclusion, as various parties have noticed the hiatus in monthly golf reports and associated birdie photos.

July Golf Report

If we would only consider my competitive record this month, which consisted of two victories, and zero defeats, this report would be a short one. But the manner in which these victories were won, at two of the most storied courses in Asia, encourages me to describe these matches in more detail.

December Golf Report

{.asset-media-link} For not playing much golf, I sure made a lot of birdies this month. {.asset-media-link} From the cold weather of Hanoi to the hot weather of Bangkok, I kept making birdies.

November Golf Report

{.asset-media-link} After an impressive September in which I went undefeated, I took up my clubs – or in this case, rental clubs – two months later and picked up right where I left off.

September Golf Report

You may have noticed the short hiatus in my monthly golf reports. An absolute avoidance of competitive matches for two months left me little to write about. But when I returned to the competitive arena in September, I birdied the first hole and never trailed in a match that was effectively over by the time I made another birdie at the ninth.

June Golf Report

After a few disappointing months in which victory escaped me, I’m happy to report that I’ve started a new winning streak. Or perhaps more accurately, after two matches in June, I’m confident that I’ll be undefeated for the forseeable future.