An impressive cap display

At the Kuay Tiaw Yai To restaurant on Samui Island, just under the shelf with all the trophies, you’ll find a surprising hat rack, with caps from Bandon Dunes, the Masters Tournament, and the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Then you’ll have a look at the menu, and you’ll order some noodles, or leng, or khao pad pla kem.

While you wait for the food, you might, if you are lucky, find out more about how there came to be so many trophies and such a collection of caps at this establishment.

Then the food will arrive, and you will quickly forget about golf course caps, as you enjoy the rich flavors of whatever you’ve ordered.

We had crispy pork with rice, and a big bowl of leng filled with all kinds of pork ribs and bones, and a coconut, and a fresh squeezed lime soda, and the fried rice with salted fish. The handful of roasted chilies in the leng made that dish even more fun to eat.

If you are looking for Kuay Tiaw Yai To, you’ll find it a couple hundred meters past Bangkok Hospital, on the right side if you are going from the airport to Lamai.

Most people go to Samui for the beaches.

Then there is golf, and watersports, and general relaxation. Oh, and food. It is really a pleasant island.

And I was thrilled to find such a fine restaurant and to see it had a Bandon Dunes hat. Of all the places to find such a thing.

I also found some traffic tolerant jinko shiba at the Woo Bar at the eastern end of Maenam. That’s another place well worth a visit.




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