Sabbatical Snow Summary

That was good timing. I was on sabbatical for a little over a week in a mountain town, and the only days it didn’t snow were the days of my arrival and departure.

On every other day it snowed.

The snowfall data (daily and cumulative) are in this chart.

That was a total of 158 cm (5'2") that fell while I was there, adding to the base of 153 cm already present when I arrived.

I was mostly writing, looking out the window at this.

But sometimes, I was looking at this. See my skis there?

There were various views of all the powder, and I didn't spend my time taking photos of it. But one can imagine what 158 cm of new snow in a week is like.

It's extraordinary, and so is the yuki otoko. This fine spirit, a kome (rice) shochu, also has my favorite label. Yuki otoko means snow man.

And this yuki otoko looks like a fun-loving creature.

There was good food too. This vegetable miso ramen was especially delicious.

I went back to my room through the snow every night.

I could have stayed out until 27:00, but why would I do that?

Especially when there was this to explore during the day.

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