February Golf Report

I was undefeated in February and remain undefeated for the year. I’ve yet to play a match in 2012, but I have a few matches to play in March, so my revamped swing will really be put to the test. And how have I revamped my swing, you might ask? Perhaps by hitting hundreds of balls on the driving range, perfecting those straight drives and pinpoint accuracy with the irons that I am renowned for?

No. In fact, I’ve not touched my clubs since December. I’ve done everything but golf. I’ve run races and won medals at Bangkok. I’ve discovered the frozen seafood vendor at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City also sells frozen snakes. Last week I trained at Bali. I’ve visited golf courses in five countries this month, but assiduously avoided playing golf. I’ve skiied at Niseko and spent an afternoon of flâneurship in Tokyo. That is how I’ve revamped my swing and prepared for the season ahead. And in so doing, I’ve remained undefeated. My confidence is high.

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