Of Potato Chips and My Vicinal Diet

You will be aware of my staunch adherence to a vicinal diet, and thus it will be no surprise to find that I have recently enjoyed the new (I think it says new??) flavor of potato chips at Thailand, the exquisite Lobster Hot Plate.

Surely one of the best things about travel is the chance to enjoy such a variety of fine foods in their — if we may personify, or anthropomorphize just a bit — natural habitats. 

You’ve read about my adventures with the Naughty Tomatoes and the Lime ’n Masala Masti crisps. This morning I went for the more sensible option, Magic Masala and Black Dog.

With the vicinal diet I get to eat the best foods in the best places. March is only a week old, but I’ve eaten a lot more than exotically-flavored potato chips.

At Bangkok, the usual: seasonal fruits, krapao gai kai dao, and after a 10.5 km run a few days ago (yes, I got another medal), jok moo sai kai.

At Vietnam, of course phở, and a wonderful beef rossini at the Metropole Hanoi.

At New Delhi, aloo paratha, roti and Afghan chicken from the tandoori, dosa, homemade raita, and lots of tea. Incredible India has incredible food, and I have every intention of sticking to my vicinal diet.




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