There’s a new flavor in seaweed aisles all across Thailand. Double meat. Cheeseburger. Maybe a double chicken and a double cheeseburger?

I haven’t tried this one yet. I must admit, when I eat seaweed, it’s generally the seaweed taste that I am going for.1

Now onto something that I have tried. I had a snack of crispy fried bananas today. But these are not just any banana. If you’ve ever had a kujira katsu, burger, or curry, you may think that this crispy banana looks a lot like kujira tempura.

No need to worry. I can assure you that this is actually banana. It starts with whole dried bananas. The small, tasty ones. These are then fried in batter until crispy and one has this little delicacy.

  1. This got me thinking, what about reversing this? What about a double cheeseburger with a lot of seaweed on it? ↩︎

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