I try six! new flavors

I’ve got a directory labeled chips on my computer’s filesystem, and it has 51 files in it. I think that’s my backlog of flavors yet to introduce to you all. Those are for later.

This is about what you can find in stores right now. When I went shopping a few days ago, there were two new bags of chips, and these were 3 in 1 flavors. This review is actually covering six flavors in only two bags. I also got a new camera, and before recording videos about grass and soil, I wanted to check out some of the settings and in particular a few of the video recording options.

And that’s how I ended up making my first potato chip review video.1 Salmon chili lime, and then a caramel popcorn cheddar cheese butter corn. Wait, that second one is more than three flavors. Was it eight flavors? Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to reflect on that, as the video comes to an abrupt end when the chips are blown to the floor.

  1. The video is embedded in the post on my website. If you are reading this in an email, and don’t see the video embedded above, you can do so by going to the actual post at micahwoods.com. ↩︎

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