A new taste

I’ve tried a lot of crab flavored potato chips. There was crab curry, soft shell crab, and chili crab. There’s been a crab fried rice flavor (that I had just once) that I don’t seem to have reviewed yet.

Add the “crab chip” from Utz to that collection. This is also a chip I’d have once. The potato part, and the crispy part, are superb. The natural and artificial flavors? Not quite what I expected. I didn’t detect any crab taste, and I had the distinct impression that this would be a poor choice of flavor to put on to a dish of crab. My brother-in-law Nathan described it as tasting like “seasoned salt.” This is one I’ll have to explore further, eating some real crabs in this region sometime and seeing how they are seasoned, and perhaps then I’ll understand this flavor.

You might be wondering how this particular chip tasting came to be. It all started on Joe Gulotti’s The Talking Greenkeeper podcast. I was a guest on the show, and he mentioned this chip to me. The crab chip. The next time I was in a grocery store, I made a detour down the potato chip aisle and sure enough, I found it.

I’ll take this opportunity to mention a couple other turfgrass podcasts.

There’s The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods, which deals with all types of turfgrass topics, using blog posts from the ATC website as starting points for discussion (or for monologue).

There is also ATC Office Hours, which tend to be longer conversations about current trends in turfgrass management around the world, usually with subject matter experts joining the show.

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