Tsuyu (rainy season) Tour of Japan

I report here on last week’s tour through Japan and its flavors and fashions. You may already be aware of Blueberry & Hazelnut Pringles. Why stop there, though, when you could work your way through an assortment of flavors including a daring Lemon & Sesame combination or the ever-popular soft-shell crab?

The first part of the week was surprisingly sunny considering the meteorological department had officially pronounced the rainy season begun. So after a few days of visiting golf courses and squinting in the sun, I soon found myself shopping for sunglasses and modeling headwear at a Uniqlo shop in Fukui. Naturally, rain began forthwith and I have not yet had an opportunity to wear the sunglasses.

I bet you don’t know what color raw shrimp eggs are. I didn’t know either, until last week. The pregnant shrimp I’ve eaten at Thailand have always been cooked. So at a small fisherman’s restaurant at Fukui, I was surprised to find that the color of shrimp eggs is blue. I can only imagine the possibilities for a Pringles flavor of shrimp eggs and lychee or some such concatenation. The taste is quite good and serves as a textural and flavor change from the rather translucent and floppy fresh shrimp itself. You see the eggs prominently in the foreground here (I’ve eaten the body of the shrimp already).


After a dinner such as that, our group was feeling quite merry as were the proprietors of the excellent restaurant. The fish and squid we had eaten for dinner were caught that very day. And now I know what color shrimp eggs are prior to cooking.

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