A Long Shortcut to Suan Luang Rama IX Park

My preparations, and more specifically, my quadracious training program
for the Hood to Coast, require me to run prodigious distances whenever
I can. The Suan Luang Rama IX Park is conveniently located near my new
condominium and, as one of Bangkok's largest parks, provides a great
place for me to train.

What you see above is a map depicting this section of Bangkok, the X marking my condominium, and the park labeled as such. The white line depicts the direct route from my condominium to the park. The orange meander shows my route attempting to find a shortcut by road. I turned around no less than three times and was guided by the setting sun as I found myself in a bewildering warren for an hour until finally coming out on the main street. I will require some professional advice to find the rumored shortcut to the park.

The video below shows what awaits on a day of relatively light traffic at Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road. One might take a shortcut to avoid the many cars on this main road, but I do so only at the risk of severe disorientation.


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