March Spearfishing Report

Night spearfishing at Lanai was a welcome addition to my quadracious training program this month. I ventured into the deep waters of Kaumalapau Bay with a flashlight and spear and mask and snorkel and fins, looked around for some fish and lobsters, and wondered what a shark would sound like in these dark waters. Does increasing my heart rate through such dangerous activities count as cardiovascular training? If it does, then my quadracious training program is proving successful beyond anything I could have imagined.

This was our largest catch tonight. And I use our in the broadest sense of its meaning. Tomorrow’s dinner will be a variety of fish, squid, and lobster harvested from the ocean tonight.

I should add that the elusive Primo Island Lager can be more difficult to find than fish in the bay. Fortunately, my friend Les Jeremiah (an excellent guide to spearfishing at Lanai) has stocked up on the Primo. This premium lager has the same name as a plant growth regulator commonly used on turfgrass; that Primo is one that I often recommend. And Dr. Woods recommends this Primo too, at a rate not to exceed 36 ozs. per nine holes.

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