Winter Turfgrass Seminars at Japan: the outtakes

I was at Japan for nine days this month to speak at turfgrass science seminars and to have a few meetings. For an official report of the seminars, check for updates to www.

Websites, Seminars, and Writing

What you see at left is an image of the turfgrass information page of the new www.asianturfgrass.com, where I have added a thumbnail image of the articles that are available for download.

Who is Mirah Woods?

That is the question many people are asking today after my photo was prominently misnomered at Sina.com. I was at the extraordinarily good Spring City Golf and Lake Resort Resort in Kunming this week to speak at the Turf Management – Best Practice III conference.

Golf Digest Interview at Singapore

I was interviewed by Golf Digest Singapore earlier this year during a break in the 2nd IGOLF Singapore Golf & Environment Forum at the Keppel Club. That interview, where I speak about the Asian Turfgrass Center and the challenges of managing turfgrass in Southeast Asia, can be seen on the video page of the Golf Digest Singapore website or you can view the video on YouTube.

Asian Turfgrass Center's New Magazine Advertisement

I have prepared this new advertisement to run in an upcoming issue of Golf Business Asia, the publication of the Asian Golf Course Owners' Association (AGCOA). I've written a number of articles for Golf Business Asia over the past few years, many of which are posted as .

General (and Technical) Presentation Tips

We have all been to conferences or seminars and have seen excellent presentations; we have also seen presentations that were not interesting or somehow failed to convey much useful information to the audience.

Marukatayawan Palace

Poignant, isn’t it, a young man dancing in a palace ballroom with his invisible princess? This is the Marukatayawan Palace at เพชรบุรี (Phetchaburi) province to the southwest of Bangkok.

Beautiful Grass

Two weeks from today, the Sustainable Turfgrass Management for Southeast Asia seminars will commence at Thailand, and there will be a turfgrass field day here at ATC’s research area on 10 March.

ELE-POO Fertilizer

I discovered an extraordinary organic fertilizer a few weeks ago at the elephant kraal in Ayuddhaya. This product is, to quote from the label, “ELE-POO 100% ELEPHANT FERTILIZER.” We will be testing its affect on turfgrass color and quality.

Monthly Turfgrass Photos 2008 – Done!

During 2008 I put a photo up each month on the Asian Turfgrass Center website to illustrate something that I had learned that month, something that the company was working on, or something that our clients may be interested in.