Make it Suntory Time

One great thing about the convenience stores (konbini)
in Japan is the regular introduction of new items (and the consequent
removal of items that do not sell). Tonight I got an early start on
fall with a seasonal tea. The leaves seems to be slightly roasted. The
vegetable+fruit chu-hi was lovely, the cranberry+lemon chu-hi was
refreshing, and the Suntory Boss coffee was silky black, true to its
name. These are all Suntory products. When I come back to Japan next
month, there will certainly be new drinks for me to try.

  This reminds<br /> me of the Mango Crunky ice cream bar from earlier this summer. I may<br /> have been the only person to savor it. I ate two in June. It was a<br /> mango ice cream coated with a crispy chocolate Crunky layer. My friends<br /> were not nearly as impressed as I was, and that flavor seems to have<br /> been pulled from the shelves shortly after its introduction. Many<br /> mango-flavored products can be found on the <span class="style_1">konbini</span> shelves. Alas, the Mango Crunky is not one of them. </div> </div>

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