Camels & Skiing at Dubai

I was at Dubai this week and met lots of friendly camels in the desert near the Al Ruwaya golf course at The Tiger Woods Dubai. The temperatures were well above 40 degrees (more than 110 F), but I continued my regular program of healthy diet and exercise, supplementing my weight management program with a bit of sweat as I spent two days in the desert.

But who can stand such heat without a break? I tore up the slopes at Ski Dubai, getting more exercise and enjoying the snow in June.

It was a bit cold on the slopes, so I stopped for a hot chocolate at the Avalanche Cafe mid-station. As I have mentioned previously, one of the benefits of the Sam Khok diet is my ability to eat anything I please (as long as I get my exercise); this hot chocolate was topped with whipped cream, M&M chocolates, and a marshmallow.

I also played nine holes at the Emirates Golf Club, home of the Dubai Desert Classic; there are 45 holes at this facility, and I played the nine hole par three course. I had a great start to this round, going 3-2-3-2, and extending my winning streak to five matches in as many countries.

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