Exercise and the Sam Khok Diet

The Sam Khok diet will be most effective if practiced in conjunction with a rigorous program of exercise. I find the clement Thailand winters to be ideal for piscine exercises. Here I refine my “run and jump” technique in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Exercise can and should be fun. Riding a miniature bicycle around the lawn is a great way to spend an afternoon while getting a great workout of the lower body. When I implement my exercise regimen in conjunction with the Sam Khok diet, then I can eat nearly anything without concernment for my waistline.

My breakfast today was stewed pig leg over rice, with vegetables, pak chi, egg, and some chili sauce. Don’t try this part of the Sam Khok diet without first getting some exercise.

The ineffable results of this diet and exercise program are shown at right. You may be interested to read more about the origins of the Sam Khok diet, a step-by-step guide to getting started with this diet, some other foods that can be eaten on this diet, a before and after photo comparison showing the effect of the diet, whether eggs can be eaten on this diet, and what type of snack foods should be consumed when on the Sam Khok diet.

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