Introducing the Tautologously Edacious Diet

The Sam Khok diet is dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. But I must eat, and I introduce here my Tautologously Edacious Diet (or Diet, for short). I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport last weekend and there began to formulate the rules for what I intend to be an effective and sempiternal diet:

1. Be aware of the foods that one might eat and choose only the most savorous. I saw this large caterpillar at Chiang Rai, I studied him in some detail, realized quickly that I would not add him to my diet, and thus kept rule number one.

  1. Make a general habit of choosing vicinal foods, and when rule number two must be broken, break it with vigour (à la tilapia at a seafood restaurant, Mexican food at Katsuura, or Vietnamese food at Sam Khok).

Those are the only two rules. And what can I say about the diet after four days? It works famously. See below the vicinal and savoury food from the Phu Chaisai resort. Thanks to the Tautologously Edacious Diet, I can eat whatever I want.

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