On Farmer's Markets, Free Samples, and Almonds

I woke up this morning and ran from Palm Desert to Indian Wells. After that invigorating run through the desert, I drove west, reaching the sea at Carpinteria. Part of my quadracious training program involves vigorous exercise. Another component of the quadracious program is a healthy diet. And that is how I came to be holding organic leeks and carrots beside the sea this afternoon.

The farmer’s market at Carpinteria is unique in its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The market is typical of others in this part of California in that the wares are, to some extent, irresistible. You may have guessed that I refer to the almonds of Fat Uncle Farms, and you are correct. Whether it is the blistered almonds with sea salt and rosemary, or the roasted almonds with honey, coconut, cane syrup, and sea salt, the pleasure I experienced when eating these almonds was ineffable.

Another delight of farmer’s markets (and of the New Chitose International Airport) is free samples of the wares. Today I had goat’s milk feta, nectarines, and a guava, gratis.

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