Current Trends in Photography and Food

I often have the chance to take photos with old friends and new acquaintances. A current trend is dark-colored trousers and a light-colored shirt. Or is it a trend in size disparity? Whatever it is, these are some great photographs. Check out the rickety suspension bridge at the restaurant I visited this evening!

You can obviously make a pretty good guess as to where I was. But can you guess what I ate for dinner?

Did you guess goat? Tonight I had goat ( in Vietnamese) stir-fried with vegetables. This was superb, on par with the recent goat satay from Indonesia and the goat sashimi (I won’t call it tartare) at Okinawa.

You probably wish you could be eating goat as frequently as I do. This low-fat meat is an integral part of my healthy diet. Don’t let language barriers stop you from ordering goat the next time you are in Asia. In Japan ask for yagi, at Vietnam you will want to request , and here is something really convenient and useful to know — in Malaysia, Philippines, or Indonesia, just order kambing. That’s right, the same word for goat in three different countries. How useful is that?

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