August Golf Report

I was undefeated again this month, proving that July’s poor showing was nothing but a blip on my unblemished record, and I closed the month with an amazing birdie this morning on the final hole of the Navy course in Bangkok. Even more amazing is that I can maintain my game at such a high level while working so assiduously and practicing so little. I have been quite busy this year with work at golf tournaments, along with everything else that I do, and I have had little time to play golf and even less time to practice.

Thus, to show such fine form in a round at Hanoi last week, going round in 77 after starting with a bogey and a double-bogey (you would too if you had an 04:20 wake-up call and an 05:25 tee-time), is anything but prosaic. 

And to recall my first round of the month, at the challenging Villamor Golf Club in Manila, playing on the cusp of a tropical storm, against a well-practiced opponent, I fought back to draw the match after falling behind in the first few holes during the sheeting rain. So the record stands at 2-0-1 this month. And the prospect of an undefeated fall season beckons.

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