November Golf Report

I’m still basking in the refulgence of my stunning victory at Boracay. But it would be remiss of me to omit the two small defeats that offset my three gigantic wins in November. First I lost to Pirapon Namatra in a nine hole match at Thailand at the wonderful new nine holes at Bangsai Country Club. That defeat reminds me that although he has twice beaten me in nine hole matches on courses he designed, I cannot remember the last time he beat me in an eighteen hole match.

I beat Tim Walker at cliffside Poro Point (the best nine hole course in Asia) before losing to him in a match among the pine trees at Camp John Hay.

My feats at Boracay in which I defeated Nicer Landas, and then the field, are already well documented and it would be gratuitous of me to describe those eagles, birdies, and the resulting victories again.

Recently I have turned my attention to other pursuits. By day, rock surfing. At night, uranography. Reflections on female pulchritude. Geographic and ecological influences on the distribution of grasses. Songwriting. Trainspotting. The types of activities that one naturally undertakes during such a period of refulgence.

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