Some Early Out-takes From Sicily

I’ve been at Sicily a few days now, working on writing projects and making a systematic sampling of each gelateria on the island of Ortygia. The zuppa inglese flavor is a hard one to beat.

If my friend Kirk Fast were here, I’m sure he would enjoy the Sicilian wine. At Thailand it seems that a few cases of wine come out to be the same cost as a motorcycle (it is often useful to speak of costs in terms of motorcycle equivalents). At Sicily the wine is much more affordable, it is vicinal, and I find that I have the burden to taste a variety of the wines of Sicily this month on Kirk’s behalf.

The sun is bright beside the Ionian Sea, and I cannot always be bothered to look up and trouble my eyes with the sun's glare. With such shorts, though, you may not look up either. They are soothing.


I can always duck into the puppet museum for some relief from the sun. There are some amazing puppets here and I look forward to watching the puppet theater some evening. Report on that to follow.

And now I must get back to my writing. I've written 31 articles now in my series for Golf Course Seminar magazine (see some of the magazine covers at right), and I have a long list of other things to write, so I cannot be too distracted by the sunshine, gelato, puppets, or Sicilian wine. But these things do make a nice accompaniment to the clicking of my keyboard.

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