It's been some year

And I use some in the Pickwickian sense. Or I could call it quadracious. With 5.9 km this morning, I passed 2015 in total distance. 2014 still sets the standard, but I’m going after it in the year/s ahead.

When I look at the line for 2016, I can pick out some of the highlights. There was Mt. Constitution, more than a few times.

There was Mt. Kaya. It is a difficult and long hike to that 365 m summit, and I find it goes by much faster when trying to run it.

I ran with dogs a couple times. More like outran them. And I ran away from dogs more than once, although I have no photos of those scary occasions.

There was all kinds of weather, and countries, and roads, and paths, and so on.

These are a few of my favorites. Quermany in Girona at 224 m. There are all kinds of routes up, and all kinds of routes down, and the views are great in all directions.

Late winter running between the rice fields below Nozawa onsen.

Running over and around Agistri.

And careful observations of dandelions throughout greater Reykjavik.

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