Can I Eat Eggs on the Sam Khok Diet?

I have been asked about eggs and the Sam Khok diet; can I eat eggs when on this diet? Yes, a resounding yes to that, as long as they are duck eggs, and in particular I recommend the salted duck eggs shown above. These eggs are coated in salt and soil and various other substances, and are prepared most easily by the method which I outline below.

We want to eat the egg, not the soil, so [a] begin to remove the coating from the egg, [b] involving water if you like, cleaning the shell very carefully so that [c] the black salty coating has been removed in its entirety.

After washing, [d] admire the eggs while heating water, [e] boil them, and finally [f] place on a plate and remove the shell or otherwise open so they can be eaten.

I find the salted duck eggs go especially well with congee. You might also enjoy them with toast, steamed rice, as a pizza topping, in a salad, or mixed with noodles.

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