Hua Hin reconnaissance mission

I made a two-day visit to Hua Hin this week to visit two golf courses (Banyan Golf Club (now Pineapple Valley Golf Club Hua Hin) and Springfield Royal Country Club) and to enjoy the salubrious weather prior to Christmas, and to make a discreet reconnaissance of this popular resort area in advance of my sisters’ impending visit to Thailand. I stayed at a great resort, able to jump right into the swimming pool from the deck adjoining my room.

It was a busy trip, with two rounds of golf, restaurant inspections (successful beyond description), swimming, relaxing breakfasts (see below) by the sea, visits to temples (see at right) with swarms of monkeys (not pictured) underfoot, and a bit of work (ドジョウ ブンセキ) completed as well.

I’ll be back to Hua Hin next month for more of the same.

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