Last Week, or 枕木

I mentioned in my November Golf Report that I had turned my attentions to other things after such an astounding victory. Trainspotting. Songwriting. Reflections on female pulchritude. What followed was some despiteous concern from my readers, aspersions that my normal vocabulary may not be suitable for songwriting.

Some Early Out-takes From Sicily

I’ve been at Sicily a few days now, working on writing projects and making a systematic sampling of each gelateria on the island of Ortygia. The zuppa inglese flavor is a hard one to beat.

Websites, Seminars, and Writing

What you see at left is an image of the turfgrass information page of the new www.asianturfgrass.com, where I have added a thumbnail image of the articles that are available for download.

Asian Turfgrass Center's New Magazine Advertisement

I have prepared this new advertisement to run in an upcoming issue of Golf Business Asia, the publication of the Asian Golf Course Owners' Association (AGCOA). I've written a number of articles for Golf Business Asia over the past few years, many of which are posted as .

The Best Postcard Ever

This morning I wrote a birthday card to my sister and wrote a few postcards to other friends and relatives (so don't call me a deltiologist) and in so doing I was reminded of the best postcard ever.

What Makes Us Happy?

What makes us happy? That is always a good question to ponder, and one that I hope you know the answer to. If you don’t, perhaps this recent article from The Atlantic or a perusal of Stumbling on Happiness would be in order.

New Writing Project for ゴルフ場セミナー

For the past twelve months I have written a monthly column in ゴルフ場セミナー (Golf Course Seminar, a monthly publication by Japan’s Golf Digest group) about the six key points of greenkeeping.