January Golf Report

My first round of the year was a casual one with Bambi and friends at Bangkok Golf Club. We had been out to Thaniya Plaza the night before to buy fashionable new shorts. With our focus on looking good, we did not bother to play a match. And that was good news for my would-have-been opponents, as I continued my stellar form and birdied the challenging 10th and 17th holes.

I made a hole-in-one on the 18th hole of the Dino Park course at Phuket later in the month, but was no match for Nathan Morrissette who aced two holes and beat me soundly on this challenging course. Among the hazards are authentic scale replicas of prehistoric creatures, an erupting volcano, piles of simulated dinosaur dung, a pervading humidity, and well-placed water hazards. So much for going undefeated in 2010.

But I recovered quickly from the thrashing at mini-golf by winning soundly at the “one and only” Kantarat Golf Course at Bangkok’s Don Muang airport. This course is operated by the Royal Thai Air Force and sits between the runways. I won my match 8&6, sparked by a birdie on the 10th hole (shown below), followed up by another birdie at the 11th. Was I really inspired by the Nok Air 737 take-off to raise my own game to new heights? Considering that Nok means bird in Thai, and the paint scheme of the planes is remarkably like a bird, and I make a lot of birdies, then I must answer in the affirmative.


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