Seminar in a Tall Building

Do I look rakish? There is good reason for it. I had a presentation yesterday at the Park Hyatt Tokyo with 160 greenkeepers in attendance. We talked about why Japan is the most difficult place in the world to grow grass, and what to do about it. You may be familiar with the Park Hyatt as the setting for much of the film Lost in Translation.

The view from my room with a 180° view of Tokyo at night was striking. As was the view from the fitness center as I set a new personal speed record for an 8 km run above the 45th floor of any building. As was the view of Mt. Fuji from the hotel lobby as I checked out this morning. That makes one seminar completed this month, with five more to go. All at salubrious places, Fukuoka tomorrow, Tokyo again next week, Osaka, then two at Hokkaido. But none will be in such a tall building.

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