December Golf Report

Like Manny Pacquiao, I took the month off, spent some time at Japan, and made plans for a match in 2011. I also went to India and visited nineteen golf courses, including the Ft. William course at Kolkata seen here, and the Delhi Golf Club (below), but I did not play. So I am still riding an undefeated streak that began in Boracay nearly two months ago, and whoever next faces me on the golf course will be dealing with a well-rested and confident opponent.

My record for the year comes to roughly nineteen victories, six defeats, and two draws, with memorable eagles on the 9th at Manila’s Navy Golf Club (naysayers are advised to recall that if the ball goes in the hole in three strokes on a par five, that would be an eagle) and then on the 10th at Boracay’s Fairways and Bluewater. I made birdie dances from Hampshire to Hong Kong to Hawaii, made a hole-in-one (at mini-golf in Phuket), and won a huge trophy in my final round of the year.

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