This Month in Air Travel: 7

Air travel has, at present, taken me to New Delhi where I have been botanizing at the Lodi Gardens.

This is Cynodon dactylon.

Since my last report I’ve traveled to many places and on many airlines – ANA, JAL, Thai, Jet, and Go. I’ve flown through typhoons, been to tropical islands ringed by coral, watched the sun set from window seats, and declined countless inflight meals.

When there is such good food on the ground, I’d rather not fill my stomach in the air. At Thailand, there is a new flavor of potato chip in red, white, and blue packaging, complete with stars and stripes. This is, of course, that classic American flavor, cheesy paprika.

The addition of some basil, as we can see on the packaging, adds a really nice finish to these potato chips. And something about these chips reminds me of America, although I keep trying and trying to recall just where I’ve had that cheesy paprika with basil taste before.

Such deep thoughts certainly help pass the time while I’m traveling. In late September I flew across the Indian Ocean and was driven high into the Palni Hills, where I enjoyed more good food on the ground at the hill station of Kodaikanal. 

Kodaikanal homes are equipped with fireplaces, parties are held around crackling wood fires, and botanists would find Poa annua growing there year-round thanks to the mild climate.


For a longer report on my visit to Kodaikanal, a closer look at the fire, and pictures of the world’s largest species of wild cattle, Bos gaurus, you can watch this short movie.


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