Three things I've been meaning to share


The floating restaurants off the eastern part of Phuket Island serve excellent seafood in an incomparable environment. When the sun is out, and the wind is blowing, the ambience is inimitable. It almost wouldn’t matter what the food tastes like – but not to worry, for it is reliably good – because the setting is so remarkable.

Tublamu GC, 17th green, 2014

One of my great pleasures is studying the turfgrass performance at a particular site over time. This is also one of my great vices, for I end up studying and collecting photos and taking notes and reviewing old of the same, then comparing the aforementioned photos and notes and observations to what I’ve observed at other sites and contemplating the implications of my observations and thinking of what I can write about these observations. As you might imagine, I collect a lot more data and photos and observations then I can ever summarize in writing, so the entire exercise just adds to the things I want to write about.

Tublamu GC, 17th green, 2005

There is plenty of fruit in Thailand’s markets all year round, but this season offers some of the best in terms of sheer variety and taste. It is a great pleasure to enjoy these seasonal and vicinal fruits. 

Rambutan, lychee, and longan

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