Traditional pre-race meals and the beauty function on my new phone's camera

Yesterday I fueled up with some pasta and rice before today’s race.

I ran the 10.75 km course in 56:48. This race is called the New Year Run.

2017 is still a long ways away, and that is kind of how the run felt, like running all the way from now until 2017. I was happy to have a post-race massage while I contemplated my training regimen and upcoming race schedule.

So how about the camera on my new phone? It captures the details and the light a lot better than my old phone. Of course the light in Bangkok in December has a certain softness that makes many photos turn out well.

Perhaps the best part of the phone is the beauty setting on the front camera. Here I only turned the beauty setting up to 5 and it still works wonders.

With this type of technology I am really looking forward to a lot more beautiful selfies.

What else have I been up to? Lots and lots of writing and data analysis. For example, this reference list for the upcoming マイカの時間 book. And a peppery version of fried cashew nuts at a riverside restaurant while watching the sunset and colorful fishing boats.

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