Unsolicited advice: part 4

Continuing this series of unsolicited advice, I’d like to recommend: Thailand in January After three weeks away, it is indescribably salubrious to be back in Thailand, enjoying the clement days of January.

Perambulatory couture

What does one get when a mountain walk is combined with fine fabrics, cut in the latest fashion? Not wanting to play the flaneur in Harajuku on such a fine day, Guy and I climbed up Takao-san.

September Golf Report

{.asset-media-link} I’ve heard the rumors, going around in some circles, that perhaps I’ve retired, or gone into seclusion, as various parties have noticed the hiatus in monthly golf reports and associated birdie photos.

For those who refuse wasabi out of a tube

When I travel to Japan I eat wasabi every day. On a recent trip I spent some time on the Izu Peninsula, where a lot of wasabi is grown, and there the restaurants provide one with a piece of wasabi and a grater.

I love the Mediterranean in spring

{.asset-media-link} This, of course, is not the Mediterranean. But with such a view, one could be in Italy or Spain. If you are looking for some fine food and a nice ambience near Kamakura, check out タベルナ ロンディーノ.

In which everything was concluded to the satisfaction of everybody

{.asset-media-link} I refer, of course, to a week of farewell parties – soubetsukai (送別会). It is rather late in the year for a shinnenkai, and much too early for a bonnenkai, but it was a fine time for soubetsukai in Ishigaki, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.

Botanizing my way through Japan

{.asset-media-link} Recently, I have been botanizing. Rather than perorating on the details, no matter how fascinating, of Thuarea involuta and Sporobolus virginicus, for example, I will write on a more general subject.

Too Full of Adventure to be Briefly Described: 2

In the midst of a trip to Japan, I took a trip to Tokyo. It was a windy day, and it was a bit of a construction site, and I was happy to have the hard hat until I discovered that so many of the other people at this meeting were not wearing one.

An extraordinary goya chanpuru

Someday, life’s gonna be smooth like a rhapsody, the song goes, when I paint my masterpiece. And after tonight’s success in the kitchen, I think I’ve done it. I’ve had many versions of this dish, and have used various proportions and combinations of ingredients, but the one I made tonight is the best.

Of Kujira and Other Research

I would normally make a golf report at this time, but with just three rounds in the past two months, in three different countries, without any birdies, let’s just say that my game is in a research phase.