Tokay gecko makes an appearance

A tokay gecko in a corner of the kitchen ceiling just before sunset

My spicy frog curry tasted especially good today as I reflected on the latest development in this tale. When I left off last time, I’d been wondering if spending a little more for the premium rat glue might be a good idea. In the end I didn’t buy any of those glue papers, because I’m still optimistic about the cat—for the rats—and about the geckos for the mosquitos.

I recently was informed that I should bring my camera downstairs. One of the tokay geckos had popped its head out and was watching the room from a vantage point at the corner of the kitchen ceiling. Hunting for something, obviously.

Mosquitos? Or perhaps with an eye for something warm-blooded? I’ve been doing some research about these geckos, and apparently tokay geckos also eat small vertebrates, in addition to insects. With the tokays watching from above, and the kitten patrolling the floor, I wouldn’t want to be a rat in this kitchen.

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