Reading List

The question of reading lists came up in a conversation last evening. Considering that my experience with contemporary and historical literature is both extensive and peculiar, let me take this opportunity to list some fine books.

Too full of Adventure to be briefly described

I have traveled to six countries this month, getting on an airplane once every 54 hours (on average) and staying at hotels from the waterfront at Kota Kinabalu to the noisome streets of Kowloon and to a surprisingly quiet Kanda last week.

Dostoevsky & Carver

I’ve finally finished the superb one-volume Dostoevsky (Frank). I made a valiant effort to finish it in September, had to lay it aside for much of a busy October, and have finished it today.

On Progress

This evening I find myself at Florence, making progress in my studies and in my writing. I started reading Frank’s one-volume Dostoevsky in May, and I thought that I would finish it within a month, but I was so busy with work in the subsequent months that I have been able, still, to enjoy reading this book while at Italy.

A Feathered Phenomenon

Every Christmas season, I am reminded of the Cratchit family’s dinner of that “rarest of all birds.” You may imagine my excitement, then, when I dined at Yung Kee this week, one of the best restaurants not only in Hong Kong but in all of Asia.

General (and Technical) Presentation Tips

We have all been to conferences or seminars and have seen excellent presentations; we have also seen presentations that were not interesting or somehow failed to convey much useful information to the audience.

What Makes Us Happy?

What makes us happy? That is always a good question to ponder, and one that I hope you know the answer to. If you don’t, perhaps this recent article from The Atlantic or a perusal of Stumbling on Happiness would be in order.

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

  I recently purchased many books including the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (a heavy 2 volume set), from I am immeasurably pleased with the CD that accompanied these books; it includes the words, definitions, and