A revelation

It recently occurred to me that some of the best bars are those that specialize in just one drink. I was at the Substation No.41 rum Bar in Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Hotel, admiring the selection of rums from all over the world.

A big city, and a small one

Bangkok is a big city, and I enjoyed this view of it for the past few months. There are big buildings in all directions, but this direction has the most.

Botany, maps, and potato chips

I was recently studying the grasses of Japan. This is a meadow of Sasa senanensis. I flew three flights after that, arrived back to Bangkok, and realizing I had no more flights this year, made a map of all the flights I was on in 2016.

Iconic views

Iconic views come along with iconic dishes. Out for dinner in Ponto-chō. Out for a walk in Kyoto. And enjoying the view from Hakodateyama.

Losing track of iconic dishes

One of the pleasant things about travel is the food. I’m often eating a favorite dish that I haven’t had in a long time, or something completely new. In the new category, I can put ika no me.

Stakes and grass and other matters

For the past month, I’ve been making an intense study of the grasses in a rather narrow latitude, from 44 to 49°N. There are many grasses at sea level, but I find some really interesting specimens at a higher elevation.

Article about the MLSN guidelines, now available as a preprint

I’ve been working on this for a while, and finished it earlier this month at a nice hotel in Skala. Minimum soil nutrient guidelines for turfgrass developed from Mehlich 3 soil test results

Starts with a goose

Or more precisely, it starts with the foot of a goose. These have lots of collagen, I’ve heard, and are good for the skin. {.asset-media-link} It wasn’t all savoury. There were also sweets.

Multicontinental birdies

Four days. Two continents. Four birdies. Lots of celebrating. {.asset-media-link} {.asset-media-link} {.asset-media-link} A trans-Pacific flight. {.asset-media-link} {.asset-media-link} After that, some popcorn and jet lag. {.asset-media-link}

Books, botanizing, birdies, and borders

{.asset-media-link} I’ve found the birdie dance photos and the botanizing posts to be a bit blasé, so although there have still been a lot of both, I have not felt any need to document those exploits here.